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New communication routes are created in progressively shorter cycles. konzepthaus links content with innovative technologies in digital formats. Among other projects, konzepthaus has worked with systems partner ATRIVIO to develop KHATsystems software, tailored to large-scale trade and cooperative trade structures and already in successful operation at numerous customers. The extremely user-friendly software allows for centralized and decentralized data input; the system offers an ideal method of integrating trade partner websites into overall sites and incorporating new output media such as smartphones, iPad, Internet TV with all distribution options (store finder, shopping lists etc.).

  • E-Mail marketing by post code area, with magazines and product sales tools designed by konzepthaus

    Promotional portals, blogs and social media
  • Development and management of industry blogs
  • Management of social media portals
  • Development of a range of response-oriented address generation products

    Digital Services
  • Development and programming of integrated Web-based shopping, marketing and distribution systems
  • Development and programming of personalized branch and dealer websites with self-explanatory content management systems
  • Innovative newsletter concepts designed to activate website and users by providing useful editorial content combined with moving images and interactive added-value features
  • Development and programming of custom marketing toolboxes
  • Creation of online catalogues
  • Design and creation of download portals
  • Employee communication (Intranet) with appropriately programmed voting tools

    IPTV Broadcasting Platform
  • Design and implementation of cost-effective IPTV formats
  • Live-IPTV-Übertragungen vor Ort (z.B. Pressekonferenzen, Vorstand-Präsentationen)
  • Storyboarding
  • Camera teams for reports and documentaries
  • Post-production (cutting and sound)
  • Editing of productions as RSS feeds or for mobile phones

Further projects by konzepthaus
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